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Adjustable Jacket
Adjustable Jacket
Adjustable Jacket
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Adjustable Jacket

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Item Description:

·   MaterialFiber

·   SizeFit pet chest: S: 41-53cm, M: 45-63cm, L:50-75cm

·   ColorYellow, Orange, Green

·   Item TypeDog Life Jacket

·   Quantity1 PC

·   WeightS:160g, M:200g, L:250g

·   BrandComzendle


·     FOR DOGS’ SAFETY: Pet life jacket by Comzendle is constructed with extra padding to enable strong buoyance in the water without restrcting your dog’s movement on land

·     CONVENIENCE & FIT: Durable grab handle of the dog life preserver makes it easy to pull your dog out of any emergency

·     Built with extra padding: up to 50% more flotation keeping your pup safe in the water

·     Reflective detailing: provide better nighttime safety and enhanced visibility in water


·     This is a flotation aid intended for use on a conscious dog in calm waters. Use rescue handle to life dogs in emergencies only. Do not leave dog unattended while using this product. Indented for dog use only. SPLASH SAFER: Dogs love to swim and we love to keep them safe. Our Jacket provides a comfortable and secure fit for tons of fun in the water

How to Get a Suitable Size for Your Dog

Step 1: Please use a flexible tape to measure the circumference (all the way around) at the widest part of your dog's chest/ribcage; Depending on the breed, it is typically right behind their front legs

Step 2: Measure the neck's circumference (the length around their neck) of your dog at the point where his/her collar comfortably sits

Step 3: Measure your dog's back length from the base of your dog's neck (where the collar sits) to the base of the tail; When measuring the back length it is very important that your dog is standing in normal position

Step 4: Refer to our SIZE CHART to get the right size for your dog,Thanks.


Package Included:

1x Dog Life Jacket

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